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  • When is the GB going to be?
    GB will start 15th of July, 2021
  • Is there a cap for ordering quantity?
    There is no cap for Z40 at the moment.
  • Package includes?
    - Default kit package includes case, PCB, switch plate, TTC key switches and XDA key caps as in renders, oh and of cause, accessories. - Accessories includes: USB cable, screws, foot pads, dampening pads, noice canceling foam & DIY mod kits(to adjust the key travel & sound) . - Notice: the brass foot piece will not be included in the default kit package, but customers could always choose it by selecting the 5 degree typing angle.
  • Mounting type?
    - Bottom mount, there are four screw posts on case, and will be locked with switch plate(NOT PCB).
  • I noticed that this Z40 is a lowpro keyboard, what kind of key caps and switches compatibility it has?"
    - For key caps, XDA, DSA are tested and working perfectly, as for key switches, currently, we have only cherry Lowpro and TTC Lowpro compatible, but there is a new PCB version coming shortly which is compatible with majority of the LP switches on the market, and hopefully it will swap out the old version before this GB. Right now, designing part finishes, we are running tests on it, looking promising
  • Any bottom row options available?
    - For low profile keyboards, stabilisers go through PCB, hence there are two big holes in bottom row, thus no room for bottom row options.
  • Where will it ship out of?
    - Package ships from Shenzhen China.
  • Are there already typing/soundtests for the z40?
    - Currently, we are talking to youtubers hopping to have some review videos done before or during GB
  • Website does not allow adding extras (plates, etc.) yet. Will that be added before GB starts?"
    - Extra components of Z40 will be presented as separate product links, just make sure you put everything in the cart first before you proceed to check out. - ** DO NOTICE: according to DHL, recent regulation for Euro packages will requires the total value of the package to be OVER US 150, other logistics don't do as such, so we recommend that Euro buyers don't buy components separately to avoid custom clearance issues.
  • Still possible to go for a hotswap pcb?
    - I'm afraid that there won't be a hotswap version for Z40, it is very likely that the PCB is compatible with majority of the Lowpro switches on the market, so there will be no space for hotswap.
  • Full grid layout possible? or MIT fixed?
    - It is MIT fixed, you can see the bit holes on PCB, those are for the space bar stabilizer to go through, so no space to do the bottom row options.
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