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Z40 Firmware

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Basic key function of default firmware:

  • Layer 1 is entered by 'Raise' key (left of space)

    • We use 'tt()' function on 'Raise' key, means layer1 is toggled on/off fast tapping twice on 'Raise' key, while layer1 is temp-entered when press and hold the same key. This 'tt()' function allows users to single-handedly operates arrow keys and number keys.

    • 'Reset' is the 'Esc' key in layer 1 / Reset = Raise + Esc

    • RGB toggle is the 'P' key in this layer / RGB on/off = Raise + P

    • RGB mode swap is the ';' key in this layer / RGB mode switch = Raise + ;

  • Layer 2 is entered by 'Drop' key (right of space)

  • Layer 3 is entered by the key right of 'Drop' key

About layer:

  • Base Layer(Default Layer):

    • alphabet, mod-keys, everything you expected a normal plank layout has

  • Layer 1:

    • Left hand arrow keys, home, end, pageUp, pageDn. Curser control

    • Right hand number pads, QMK light functions. Number and light control

    • Fast tap twice the Raise key will stay in Layer 1, convenient for single handed curser or number typing, tap twice again back to base layer, hold the Raise key to enter Layer 1 and release back to base layer

  • Layer 2: F1 - F12, majority of the symbols

VIA Configurator

  • After firmware is uploaded, go to VIA online the by clicking the link above

  • Press 'Start Now' button

  • Plugin and Authorize your board, Z40 should be acquired automatically

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