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Soder-HS socket

Soder-HS socket

  • Description

    • This socket is a DIY solder kit that turns your solder PCB into hotswappable one
    • Current state: Instock
    • Compatibility: Quarkyes Evolve, YUN, Spirit and variants to come
    • Keeps layout variants while gain hotswappabilities
    • Soldering kit is required
    • Mill-max 3305 geomatries
  • Package

    • 70keys, suitable for 60%~65% keyboards
    • 90keys, suitable for 75%~85% keyboards
    • 110keys, suitable for full key keyboards
  • Shipping

    • Retail:
      • Packages ships out from China or HongKong, if sockets are shipped together with keyboard kits, there will be only one overall shipping charge reuiqred please check the Shipping Policy for keyboard kits.
      • If sockets are to be shipped alone, shipping is varied between 10 - 35 USD, depending on which country package is shipped to
    • Whole-sell:
      • Quantity starts from 1k pcs
      • Free shipping.
      • Please Contact us and get a price quote.
    • Air freight takes 5-15 working days upon arrival globally, both retail and whole-sell.
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